The Royal Ganges – 1, Phase – I


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  • Land Area
    24852 sq.mtr.

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  • Basement Parking
    Not mentioned

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  • Mechanical Parking
    Not mentioned


Residential Details
Land Area: 24852 sq.mtr.
Total Built Up Area: 11073 sq.mtr.
Carpet Area: 9823 sq.mtr.
No. of Apartments: 62


PS. Taratala
Dist. Kolkata
Pin 700014
  Drinking Water Facility
  Fire Fighting Facility
  Access to common spaces
  Access to the Project
  Waste disposal
  Water supply arrangements
Registered Agents
Sl No. Agent Name Agent Address
1 N.K REALTORS PVT LTD . DN 52,9th Floor,PS Srijan Tech park ,Salt lake City Sector 5,kolkata-700091
Sl No. Consultant Name Consultant Address Consultant Type
1 M/S SUBIR KUMAR BASU 4 BROAD STREET ,kolkata-700019 Architect
Promoter and other officials handling the project
Sl No. Promoter Name Firm Name Establishment Year Contact Email ID Address Completed Projects

Promoter Details

Personal Information


Company Type : Company / LLP
Address : 36/1A, Elgin Road Bhawanipur, Kolkata
Tehsil : Kolkata
Police Station : Bhowanipur
Pincode : 700020
District : Kolkata

Registration No.: AAH - 2815

Education: B.Com

Work Experience: 25 years.

Website: www.srijanrealty.com

Litigations : Details of past or ongoing litigations in relation to the real estate projects and real estate agent if any
Sl No. Litigations
1 Nil

Projects in West Bengal

25 years of experience.

Projects Outside of West Bengal/Union Territory

10 years of experience.

Ongoing Projects

23 numbers of project ongoing.

1458566.00 sqmtr. Proposed Area to be Constructed

Completed Projects

33 numbers of project have been done.

678187.00 sqmtr. Area Constructed Till Date

Promoter's Document
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Authenticated copy of the PAN card of the promoter Pan Card.pdf
2 Audited balance sheet of the promoter for the preceding financial year and income tax returns of the promoter for three preceding financial years Audit Report - 2021.pdf
Balance Sheet - 2021.pdf
ITR AY 2020-21 - New.pdf
ITR AY 2021-22 - New.pdf
ITR AY 2022-23 - New.pdf
3 The details of encumbrances on the land on which development is proposed including any rights, title, interest or name of any party in or over such land along with details No Encumbrance Certificate.pdf
Non Encumbrance.pdf
4 An authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority obtained in accordance with the laws as may be applicable for the for the real estate project mentioned in the application, and where the project is proposed to be developed in phases, an authenticated copy of the approvals and commencement certificate from the competent authority for each of such phases Airport NOC.pdf
Environment NOC.pdf
Fire NOC.pdf
KMC License.pdf
Receving of Commencement Letter.pdf
5 The location details of the project, with clear demarcation of land dedicated for the project along with its boundaries including the latitude and longitude of the end points of the project Location_Plan.pdf
6 Proforma of the allotment letter, agreement for sale, and the conveyance deed proposed to be signed with the allottees Booking Letter.pdf
Agreement for sale.pdf
7 The number, type and the carpet area of apartments for sale in the project along with the area of the exclusive balcony or verandah areas and the exclusive open terrace areas apartment with the apartment, if any Area Statement.pdf
8 Where the promoter is not the owner of the land on which development is proposed details of the consent of the owner of the land along with a copy of the collaboration agreement, development agreement, joint development agreement or any other agreement, as the case may be, entered into between the promoter and such owner and copies of title and other documents reflecting the title of such owner on the land proposed to be developed; Development Agreement and POA-1.pdf
Development Agreement and POA-2.pdf
Development Agreement and POA-3.pdf
Development Agreement and POA-4.pdf
Development Agreement and POA-5.pdf
Development Agreement and POA-6.pdf
9 The plan of development works to be executed in the proposed project and the proposed facilities to be provided thereof including fire-fighting facilities, drinking water facilities, emergency evacuation services, use of renewable energy; Facilities & Amenities.pdf
10 The number and areas of garage for sale in the project; No Garage Facilities.pdf
11 The number of parking areas available in the real estate project; Parking Area.pdf
12 The names and addresses of the contractors, architect, structural engineer, if any and other persons concerned with the development of the proposed project; Consultant Details.pdf
Affidavit for common area.pdf
Affidavit for AFS.pdf
Details and profile of ongoing and completed projects for the last 5 years as provided under clause (b) of sub-section (2) of section 4
Sl No. Project Name Project Type Registration No. District Name Complete Date Construction Status Cases Pending Payment Pending Type of Land Delay Project
Information not available yet

The Sanctioned Plan, Layout plan and Specifications of the Project or the Phase thereof and the whole project as sanctioned by the competent authority as provided under clause (d) of sub-section (2) of section 4
Copy of the legal title deed reflecting the title of the promoter to the land on which development is proposed to be developed along with legally valid documents with authentication of such title, if such land is owned by another person
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Group A Deed 2 Lansdown Medicals Pvt Ltd1969.pdf LIBERAL BARTER LLP 7636.pdf LILY ADVISORY SERVICES LLP 7635.pdf MANYA AGENCIES PVT LTD 7667.pdf Morven Realty llp 7634.pdf N K NIKETAN PVT LTD 7309.pdf N K PLAZA PVT LTD 7310.pdf N K Tower Pvt Ltd 1973.pdf NEELKANTH INFRAPROMOTERS PVT LTD 7664.pdf MANYA DISTRIBUTORS PVT LTD 7665.pdf
2 Group A Deed 3 PARMATMA TIE UP LLP 7671.pdf Rolcon Finvest Pvt Ltd 1970.pdf SHEROWALI DISTRIBUTORS LLP 7631.pdf SHRADDHA NIKETAN PVT LTD 7663.pdf SHRADDHA PROPERTIES PVT LTD 7599.pdf Sigma Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd 0026.pdf SILVERBELL REALTY LLP 7630.pdf SILVERLING REALTY LLP 7629.pdf Sitala Devcon Pvt Ltd 7604.pdf SNEHSIL ADVISORY LLP 7628.pdf
3 Group A Deed 4 Solimana Realty LLP 1972.pdf Srijan Esskay Studio LLP 1971.pdf SUVRIDHI COMMERCE LLP 7627.pdf TANVI DEAL TRADE PVT LTD 7626.pdf TANVI DEALCOM PVT LTD 7652.pdf TANVI DEALERS PVT LTD 7654.pdf TANVI DEALMARK PVT LTD 7655.pdf TANVI AGENCIES PVT LTD 7650.pdf TANVI DISTRIBUTORS PVT LTD 7661.pdf TANVI NIWAS PVT LTD 7659.pdf
4 Group A Deed 5 TANVI RESIDENCY LLP 7660.pdf TANVI TIE UP PVT LTD 7670.pdf TANVI TRADECOM PVT LTD 7662.pdf Uday Infotech Pvt Ltd 7600.pdf
5 Group B Deed 1 ADINATH DEVCON PVT LTD 7797.pdf ADINATH INFRACON PVT LTD 7792.pdf BADRINATH INFRABUILD PVT LTD 7794.pdf Balgopal Infrapromoters Pvt Ltd 7818.pdf BALGOPAL REALDEV PVT LTD 7778.pdf Bhagwati Infrarealty Pvt Ltd 7828.pdf BADRINATH INFRABUILD PVT LTD 7794 (2).pdf Bhootnath Infotech Pvt Ltd 7821.pdf Deed No- 0059.pdf Deed No-0053.pdf
6 Group B Deed 2 Deed No-0055.pdf Ekdant Infraproperties Pvt Ltd 7785.pdf Ekdant Procon Pvt Ltd 7442.pdf Ekdant Projects Pvt Ltd 7441.pdf Elect Realestate Pvt Ltd 7440.pdf Eligible Procon Pvt Ltd 7447.pdf Elite Comodities Pvt Ltd 7448.pdf ELITE CONSUMER GOODS PVT LTD 7437.pdf ELITE DEVCON PVT LTD 7446.pdf EVERGROW DEVELOPERS PVT LTD 7793.pdf
7 Group B Deed 3 EXCELLENT CONCLAVE PVT LTD 7769.pdf EXPRESS COMMODITIES PVT LTD 7795.pdf Ideal Conclave Pvt Ltd 7838.pdf Imperial Plaza Pvt Ltd 0054.pdf IMPERIAL PLAZA PVT LTD 7790.pdf Imperial Residency Pvt Ltd 7832.pdf Incredable Builders Pvt Ltd 7780.pdf Index Developers Pvt Ltd 7789.pdf Indralok Complex Pvt Ltd 0056.pdf INTENT BUILDERS PVT LTD 7445.pdf
8 Group B Deed 4 Intercity Projects Pvt Ltd 7835.pdf Isolate Realestate Pvt Ltd 7831.pdf Kamrup Commercial Pvt Ltd 7829.pdf MayFair Vyapar Pvt Ltd 7833.pdf KAMRUP DISTRIBUTORS PVT LTD 7791.pdf Kamrup Marketing Pvt Ltd 7779.pdf MURLIDHAR TRADING PVT LTD 7796.pdf N K Hirise Pvt Ltd 7787.pdf Neelkanth Infrarealty Pvt Ltd 7837.pdf NK Abbas Pvt Ltd 7443.pdf
9 Group B Deed 5 NK Agarwal Estates Pvt Ltd 7834.pdf NK Regency Pvt Ltd 7444.pdf North East Realters LLP 7836.pdf Salasar Consumer Good LLP 7830.pdf Vasukinath Vinimay Pvt Ltd 7788.pdf
10 Group C Deed 1 Akshi Vyapar LLP 0011.pdf Aquable Realty LLP 0040.pdf Arit Dealcom LLP 0039.pdf Bhuvi DealTrade LLP 7603.pdf Elina Dealers LLP 0031.pdf Express Consumer Goods LLP 0020.pdf Jampui Heights LLP 0048.pdf Linwood Hirise LLP 0029.pdf Maipo Complex LLP 0050 (2).pdf Maipo Complex LLP 0050.pdf
11 Group C Deed 2 Milkweed Estates LLP 0051.pdf New Ways Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd 0035.pdf North East Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd 0028.pdf Rajrambha Heights LLP 0018.pdf Redmaple Realtors LLP 0046.pdf Ridhi Sidhi Niketen Pvt Ltd 0032.pdf Salasar Distributors Pvt Ltd 0044.pdf Shagun Infrapromoters Pvt Ltd 7601.pdf Shagun Realdev Pvt Ltd 0045.pdf Shivam Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd 2177.pdf
12 Group C Deed 3 Shivam Retailers Pvt Ltd 0014.pdf Sitala Infradev Pvt Ltd 0042.pdf Srijan Complex Pvt Ltd 2179.pdf Supernova Realtors LLP 2175.pdf Tanvi Tower Pvt Ltd 7602.pdf Tirupati Advisory Services Pvt Ltd 7598.pdf Tirupati Consumer Goods Pvt Ltd 2176.pdf Trieye Properties LLP 0049.pdf Trimukh Regency LLP 0043.pdf Tripack Estates LLP 0047.pdf
13 Group C Deed 4 Uday Niwas Pvt Ltd 0017.pdf Ultility Complex Pvt Ltd 0022.pdf Vinayak Gardens Pvt Ltd 0019.pdf Water Town Estates LLP 0023.pdf Wisecrack Towers LLP 0016.pdf Yelagiri Realty LLP 0041.pdf
14 Group A Deed 1 ANGELICA REALTY LLP 7648.pdf ARJUN DEALERS PVT LTD 7672.pdf BALAJI RETAILERS PVT LTD 7668.pdf BHAGWATI INFRAPROMOTERS LLP 7641.pdf DAFFODIL VYAPAR PVT LTD 7669.pdf DUMONT REALTY LLP 7637.pdf Foxtail Realty LLP 2178.pdf KYAL HIRISE LLP 7640.pdf KYAL RESIDENCY LLP 7638.pdf Delmon Realty LLP 7695.pdf
Project Completion Certificate
Sl No. File Description Download
Information not available yet

Other Project Documents
Sl No. Title Sub Title Download
1 Authenticated copy of the site plan or site map showing the location of the project land along with names of revenue estates, survey numbers, cadastral numbers, khasra numbers and area of each parcels of the project land Location_Plan.pdf
2 Floor plans for each tower and block including clubhouse, amenities and common areas Row House -Type A 2.pdf Row House -Type -C 2.pdf Row House -Type D 2.pdf Row House-Type -B 2.pdf Typical Floor Plan 2.pdf
Authenticated Legal Document
Sl No. File Description Download
1 Land Title Search Report from an advocate having experience of at least ten years in land related matters
2 No encumbrance certificate from an advocate having experience of at-least ten years in land related matters No Encumbrance Certificate.pdf
3 Sanction letters - From banks for construction finance
4 Sanction letters - From banks for home loan tie-ups
5 Details including the proforma of the application form